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BOLd & Handmade

Studio Emma Odenkirchen (NL) designs bold handmade clay accessories. The primary ingredients of Studio Emma Odenkirchen are color, composition and form. Emma loves to create fun patterns and experiment with her fav material: clay. The outspoken designs of Studio Emma Odenkirchen are made by hand and are created intuitively. Each brooch or necklace is an unique object.

Color plays a big role in Emma’s life. ‘I see numbers, letters, words and names in color. For instance: E M M A = pink, yellow, yellow, red… And not just primary red, the color tones are very specific in my head. Thats why Im such a color control freak!’

Because of the playful character of the products, the collection changes too from time to time. Studio Emma Odenkirchen likes to work in small collections. Its a flexibel playground in which Emma can express herself.

"Playful, graphic & bold, that’s how I would describe my work. Designing, for me, is experimenting with materials, trying stuff, playing, composing, making beautiful mistakes and ending up with a perfectly balanced bad boy! My personal goal is to create sustainable bold jewelry that people can enjoy for a long time and will add personality to an outfit. Like graphic chest-art”


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Besides the products created for Studio Emma Odenkirchen, Emma also designs custom made jewelry, loves to design for others too and likes to develop exciting concepts/visual stories.


These awesome studio-story pictures are made by Margareth Sikkens